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Catering to the demand of the parents of adjoining areas, Guru Nanak Public School has embarked on a new venture to open its branch at Teacher’s colony, Manhalli road Bidar.


The foundation stone of the building was laid in 2 acres of land in the year 2003.
Latest technology has been adopted in designing the building on 2 acres of land which presents unique ambience to offer healthy and clean environment to the students which is extremely conducive for the teaching and learning process. The school started functioning in June 2004 and will soon be affiliated to CBSE.. The building allows a feel fresh air in the corridors and all the rooms have been ducted to be air cooled. The school has a well stacked library, First rank Computer lab with printers and scanners and a provision for highly advanced science laboratory as well as the audio visiual room.


A smart class for screening latest knowledge has been introduced. Spacious grounds have been provided for the students to take part in games to keep them physically fit. Intricately designed kindergarten block is the replica of fairy land and the little angles adore the fun than taking studies as a burden. The curriculum has been designed to train the children physically, intellectually & spiritually to face the world in every walk of life. Apart from these, the school lays special emphasis on moral education by instilling in them the love for honour, humility & truthfulness based on the universal teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji which will surely make them grow into emotionally balancedpersonalities.





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