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Alumni Welcome,

Greetings to all past students, faculty and staff!



No matter how long you were at GNPS or how much time has passed since you walked out of the school and campus, we warmly welcome you as a life-long member of the GNPS family and alumni community. Part of our 40-year history belongs to you and we wish to nurture and strengthen the special bond that you have with GNPS and your former classmates, peers and friends.


We are very pleased that you wish to stay connected to your alma mater and that you have checked in with us on our website. We hope that you will find the alumni portal more informative for receiving news of the school and special announcements of upcoming alumni events, as well as for staying in touch with the people who made your stay at GNPS memorable.


We also hope that you will help us to make our alumni website more meaningful. We need your help in building this site into an important resource for information as well as an active exchange of news from our thousands of former students and colleagues. We would truly appreciate your assistance in enlivening our pages with announcements, events and stories to share with our alumni and school community. In addition, we hope that you will update your personal profile by registering your details with us so that we can invite you to alumni gatherings and special school events.


Your feedback and suggestions for improving the pages are always welcome. Also you can share your past memories of school by sending an email to Batch photos would be appreciated. Your student/teaching days at GNPS might be history, but you are still a very important part of GNPS’s present and future!


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